Singapore isn’t the first place to come to mind when we think of Asian trans women. However, Singapore transforms from a commercial, urbanized landscape to a casual spot of fun and excitement when the sun goes down. There may be fewer ladyboys here than in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, but they do not lack in any way.

A lot of travelers want to meet, get to know, and maybe date Singapore ladyboys. Ladyboys are also called trans women or TS girls/women. The derogatory term “shemale” is sometimes used to describe them. Generally, they will not take kindly to this term. While “dating Singapore shemales” is a popular concept, it doesn’t even begin to suggest the complexity of these types of relationships. 

There are a lot of Westerners visiting Singapore or living here as immigrants. They will tell you ladyboys make excellent companions. You will definitely love hanging out with TS girls if you remember to always be respectful of them. Don’t ask questions about surgery. Don’t even bring the topic up. Wait for her to broach the subject. Ask her what her preferred pronoun is.

If you’re still not dating a TS girl here in Singapore, you should try online dating sites. Sites like My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date have huge databases of ladyboys. You can search specifically for Singapore trans women. These and other sites are a great way to meet ladyboys. Generally, Singaporean TS girls turn to dating sites when they are serious about meeting someone

There are all kinds of users online. Some are only looking to hook up. Others are looking for something more serious. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find someone searching for the same thing.

A lot of men make the mistake of just creating a profile and waiting for TS girls to start writing. Most TS girls expect the guy to make the first move. They typically will not initiate contact.

The internet provides a safe space where TS girls can chat to guys anonymously and create trust before actually meeting in person.