It’s a great big world, and it’s getting friendlier to gay couples by the minute. Check out our list of fantastic vacation getaways.

Aruba and Saba

These popularislands embrace diversity. Aruba has lots of LGBTQ-friendly nightclubs and hotels, some of which are owned by members of the community.


Thisis a minute island just off the Venezuelan coast, famous for its hospitality toward gay couples. According to the Curacao Board of Tourism, the island welcomes and actively encourages gay and lesbian couples to visit the island and its exceptional gay-friendly attractions. Being here is a fantastic “live and let live” type experience. The majority of hotels on the island are gay-friendly, and same-sex marriage is legal too.

In light of recent events, you might want to postpone your trip to Venezuela. Not that Curacao has felt any of the drama though.

Grand Canaria

Gay couples flock to GrandCanaria for its Drag Queen festival, but not only. The throbbing heart of the LGBT social scene is Yumbo Centre, a huge mall full of leisure venues, bars, restaurants,cafes, and a large outdoor area.


Australiavoted to legalize same-sex marriage in 2018, and many Aussies rejoiced. Sydney brims with drag shows, loud pubs, and fantastic beaches. Melbourne is equally gay-friendly, but its venues place more emphasis on culture. Hunter Valley is a very romantic place to say “I do” to your same-sex partner.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Interestingly, this once-conservative city in Utah has become something of a gay Mecca. According to Gallup, SLC has the 7thhighest LGBTQ population in America, and per capita at that. Locally, gay couples can enjoy a number of gay bars and Utah Pride and Elevation, also known as Gay Ski Week.

LGBT persons are drawn to Salt Lake City because the housing is high-quality and affordable. It’s possible to get a large house with a breathtaking mountain view for much less than in other mid-tier metros. Maybe you’re not planning to buy a home; you’re just going on vacation. Either way, you’ll love SLC and its hidden gems.


The movable feast is the logical conclusion to our list of gay-friendly vacation spots. In summer, hordes of LGBTQ community members descend upon the French capital, famous for hosting the 10thGay Games. Locals tend to leave the city in summer, making it even more fun for gay tourists, who get to enjoy lovely cafes in the Latin Quarter, steamy nights in the Marais, and sunbathing at Paris Plage among many other things.