Gay weddings are usually a lot more fun that straight ones, largely due to their originality. Here are some creative ideas you could steal from a gay wedding for your straight one.

Gay couples have done away with the traditional procession down the aisle quite a few times. It’s quite challenging to come up with a substitute though. Design of the ceremony space is crucial. Do you want two aisles? Do you want to meet in the middle? Would you prefer a ceremony in the round? Does a loved one give you away? Do you and your future wife or husband walk in together? There’s a lot to think about. Gay couples have done all of these things, going against tradition.

There are still no set expectations toward same-sex weddings, unlike the weighty realms of tradition surrounding “standard” ones. Same-sex couples are free to do what they please, and same-sex couples should be too. You can throw a tie instead of a garter.You can do away with the separate groomsmen and bridesmaids thing and share a wedding party…

The ceremony toast is becoming something of a convention at gay weddings, if it is at all possible to speak of “convention” at this point. You can have someone pass champagne as guests arrive for the ceremony, or get the caterer to do it mid-ceremony. The officiant or a guest proposes a toastand everyone says cheers. It’s a way to give the chosen family and friends respect for supporting the couple. At straight weddings, this ritual is very rare, and that’s a shame.

A lesbian couple can have two dresses or two tuxes. Same goes for a gay couple – why not? It’s their day. Straight people should learn from this. For gay weddings, there are no rules. We think that’s amazing. The sky is the limit, be it grunge, glam, goth, or whatever it is you are. You do you.

Finally, a great addition to weddings arepersonalized parties. There can be two buck’s nights and two hens’ nights. Your future husband might have more fun getting ready for the wedding than hanging out at a strip club all night. Let’s go beyond stereotypes! Alternatively, your future wife might prefer a long lunch with you to celebrating separately with friends.

When talking about weddings, it’s all aboutconsidering the options, looking at how you would like to celebrate your union,and then going from there.